Pure Coat - Powder Coating Industry

  • Created by: Deepthought
  • Completed on: January 2017
  • Skills: Branding Design
  • Client: Pure Coat

Project Info:

The 'Pure Coat' is an industrial powder manufacturing company. They have many types of coating color powder for a different type of industry. As it is environment-friendly powder. By keeping in mind the 'Logo Brand' inspired by nature has been created. The challenge for us was how to show the color powder and the relationship of nature.

Accordingly, the butterfly's wings are shown on one side of the color powder and on the other hand 'C letter' defines 'Coat word' which has been beautifully mixed together. Although a wing of the butterfly has been shown as a creative idea with different colors. In addition, 'Pure Coat' is a brand of 'Krishna Powder Manufacturing Pvt Ltd.'